PCB Relays-NRP05


Ultra-small type with dimensions.

 High sensitivity:200mW coil power

UL/C-UL recognized

 Sealed type available

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Ultra-small type with dimensions.
 High sensitivity:200mW coil power
 UL/C-UL recognized
 Sealed type available

Arrangement               1A, 1C Operate Time     8ms. Max.
Contact Material           Silver Alloy Release Time      4 ms. Max.
Contact Resistive            ≤ 100 mΩ Initial breakdown voltageBetween Coil & Contact  2500VAC (50/60Hz)for 1 min.Between Open Contacts  1000VAC (50/60Hz)for 1 min.
Rating           A: 10A 125VAC; 5A 250VAC / 30VDCResistive load (cosφ=1)    AG: 10A 250VAC / 30VDCC: or AH: 3A 250VAC / 30VDC
Insulation Resistance     Min.100MΩ (500 VDC)
Max. Switching Voltage       250VAC 30VDC Shock:     Endurance     100 m/s 2Damage      1000 m/s 2
Max. Switching Current       10A
Max. Switching Power        2500VA / 300W Vibration    Endurance     10 to 55 Hz ,1.5mm D.A.Damage       10 to 55 Hz ,1.5mm D.A.
Expected lifeMechanical                1×10 7 MinElectrical                  1×10 5 Min. Humidity                 35%~95%RH
Ambient temperature       -40 to +70?
  Unit weight                ≤6g


 微信图片_20180710144902 ① Part No. Miniature p.c.b Relay
②  Contact Form:C=1C/O; A = N/O
③ Coil Voltage: 12D= 12Vdc
④  Nil= 0.45W coil powerH = 0.20W coil power, Sensitive
⑤ G = 10A contact capacity


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