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Magnetic latching relay is a special type of relay that can maintain its state without the need for a continuous power supply. This is achieved by incorporating a magnetic material within the relay.


Magnetic latching relay contains a magnetic material that can attract two metal plates to make the relay switch on when there is current flowing through it. Even when the power supply is disconnected, the relay can maintain its switched-on state until a reverse current is applied or the release button is pressed.


Magnetic latching relays can maintain their state without the need for continuous power supply, and have the advantages of high efficiency, reliability, and energy saving. It is usually used in automation control systems, such as automatic doors, elevator control, smart home, industrial production lines and other fields.
 Cost
We have a complete and self-sufficient supply chain, from enameled wire to castings, all provided by its subsidiaries / business departments.
We have perfect quality control system and advanced production and testing equipment to ensure electromagnetic relay quality.
We have a strong R&D team,and we can develop and produce miniature relay according to the drawings or samples the customers offered.
  • Precautions

    1、All relays are shipped in the “closed”position.It is possible that during transit or final assembly the relay could change its state to the “open”position.
    Therefore,it is recommended that all relays be set to the desired state of the relay via a power supply.
    2、In order to maintain an “open” or “closed” state of the relay,the coil voltage should reach the rated voltage. The pulse width should be 5 times the operating time to ensure a proper change of state.Do not energize both T1 and T2 at the same time on a dual coil or energize the coil for longer than 1 minute (damage to the coil could incur).
    3、Relays have polarity,if the user’s need different from information,shoud be contact us.
    4、The relay to the factory inspection and use should handle to prevent damage effect,to the factory for damaging the goods shoud be strict distinction between the normal product and must not uses.
  • About contact load

    All con tact current marked on Relay and the catalogue are resistive load, if not specified.
    Under rated switching voltage, the inductanee load should not exceed 30%, motor load should not exceed 20%, light load should not exceed 10%, capacitive load should not exceed 5% of rated resistive load.
    We recommend to choose contact load current not exceeding 60-70% of the steady state current in view of reliability.
    Please refer to below table for in-rush current at different loads:

    Load type Resistive Sodium lamp Mercury lamp Inductive Motor Transformer Incandescent Capacitive
    In-rush 1 time 1-3 times 3 times 3-5 5-10 5-15 times 5-15 times 20-40
    current times times times


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