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About remote gas density monitor NCR-100RM

It is used to control and monitor the density of SF6 gas in sealed container.
It is applicable for SF6 high voltage circuit breakers, medium voltage switchgear,gas insulation switchgear(GIS), high voltage cables, transformers and current transformers, even though, which are under strong vibration and harsh outdoor environment.
The SF6 gas density can be displayed constantly ,and with alarm and close signal output. When SF6 gas leakage occur, monitor will sound alarm, giving close signal.
With communication interface, it can transmit the data of SF6 gas temperature, pressure, density, micro water and dew point in SF6 electrical equipment to the background,through wired or wireless connection. With the help of self-developed remote background, the data can be transmitted to the user's mobile terminal,which is convenient for user to monitor the operation of SF6 electrical equipment always without going to the site, so as to ensure the safe operation of SF6 electrical equipment.

Product Features

Compact size design,easy installation;
Good sealing performance,positive pressure helium test; Leakage rate <1×10-8mbar.I/S;
Low power consumption; EMC test approval; With alarm, close signal output ;
The gold-plated magnetic-assisted electric contacts have advantage of reliable structure and long service life; High precision sensor with reliable performance;Transmit temperature, pressure,
Transmit temperature, pressure, density, micro water (optional);
Matte case with frosted textures,metal shielding function, beautiful design; IP55;
24v power supply; with 485 communication interface;optional wireless transmission function;

Technical Data

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